RRGAX 18 Series

XCalibre Fall Arrest Blocks

Accredited to: EN 360, AS/NZS 1891.3.1.1997, and ANSI
Web spec: Polyester Webbing
Connector: Alloy Swivel c/w load indicator
Material: Composite moulding UV Stabalised
Weight: 4.5 kgs
Size mm: 300mm x 226mm x 144mm excluding Karabiners
Max Arrest Force: Webb 4KN<2m
  • The RGAX 18 Series is the ultimate answer in safety when working at low levels due to it's unique rapid breaking system (RBS)
    The most diverse block of its kind, it is ideal for working in the construction, offshore, Port Safety and rigging industries.

    This block is available with Galvanised / Stainless steel wire, Webbing and Dyneema

    Packed with unrivalled technology, super light and finished with a sleek, compact and contemporary design, there is an Xcalibre block that will meet and exceed you expectations.

    RGAX12W 12metre Webbing
    RGAX18C 18metre Wire Rope
    RGAX18CS 18metre Stainless Steel Wire Rope
    RGAX18F 18metre Dyneema
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